Full Stack Developer:
The Sweet Excursion

Marquise Piton


Hello! And welcome to my humble blog abode. If you are here looking for a story, you are in luck because I will tell you about my journey. "What journey," you say? Well, I didn't have to ignite an evil ring on fire by throwing it into a volcano, go to a magical school inheriting 99 wizardry problems, or finding out my father is a dark sith lord. My journey is about becoming a full stack developer and acquiring the skills at the Awesome Inc. Bootcamp. So welcome aboard!

Week 1

I didn't have many expectations for the first week, but it would be fast and remote. Once we had our orientation about the Bootcamp, I immediately started studying every day until my brain felt like a hot air balloon.

I learned how to use the Linux/Mac terminal by reading "Learn Enough Command Line to be dangerous", read through the documentation for git, and worked through the tutorial labs for GitHub. I was still getting used to the git workflow and made mistakes with switching between the main branch and the featured branches. Sometimes I would forget to update my git local branch to my GitHub remote branch, but I knew that repetition and practicing would eventually eliminate those mistakes

I was eager to learn more about the terminal's advanced commands and work more efficiently to rid myself of the commoner's computer mouse and dive more into git. But I had to take my time and make sure I learned the foundations before I got into the meat and potatoes of the Bootcamp.

Week 2

Week 2 was all about HTML and CSS! I had some knowledge about HTML but never dabbled with CSS. I learned a LOT of terms that I start to realize how crucial pseudo coding is. If I wanted to build the best web page known to humankind, I needed some pseudo code in my life.

With the overflow of knowledge came the struggles. My struggles were more of being too timid about utilizing GitHub because I was scared that I would mess up somebody else's work that I was forking (Cloning). When I started to write my HTML code out, I felt like my HTML structure wasn't professional. I know with a lot of practice, I would get better.

I'm eager to learn how we bring HTML, CSS, and javascript together to build impressive webpages we see on the internet. But like last week, I needed to take my studies one week at a time.

Week 3